You said Yoopies ?

Attention, a revolution is in motion : the access to care services is becoming childs play !

Our objective: to simplify the everyday life of parents and home owners and say goodbye to all administrative paperwork. Emergency work trip? No problem! Finding the perfect sitter to pamper your child while you are away will never be a hassle ever again.

Thanks to our simple and easy to use platform, we have become the leading European platform, for childcare and our other services are not far behind. Pet setting, Housekeeping, Tutoring and Senior Care are a few others services. Our goal is to become the go-to one-stop-shop to simplify home care. Our community connects thousands of people every day to help them find local trustworthy care.

At Yoopies, work-life balance matters. We work with over 55 large cooperations, each of them also believe in this. They all benefit from automated administrative paperwork in order to benefit from governmental financial aids. Yoopies is the new uberized concierge with parental support unlike anyone else !

Don’t hesitate to join us, we need the best team to achieve our ambitions !

What a team !

At Yoopies we are a small community, each of us shape the present and build the future. Each team member has a different backgrounds and contributes/bring their expertise to create top quality ideas that lead to beautiful projects. Imagination is key to participate fully in the rise of Yoopies. Each one of us has the desire to never stop learning. That’s why we have such a great energy.

We work in a positive atmosphere which drives us to be even more passionate and enthusiastic about our work. The well-being of our employees as well as that of our clients is one of the values we cherish the most at Yoopies.

Beyond the classic working relationships, you will have the opportunity to imagine and build the Yoopies of tomorrow: to invest in projects that matters to you, drink a beer (or beerS) with your coworkers, play ping pong at noon ... Work hard, play hard!

Our values
  • Learn to Learn

    Learn to Learn

    We believe that the best way to acquire knowledges and to keep everything in mind forever is to learn by yourself. We invite our team to be pro-active and curious as mush as possible.

  • Caring matters

    Caring matters

    At Yoopies, you will find more than a team but a real family ! Our team is young and learns everyday... from others as well as from our mistakes! We chose support over competitiveness because our will is simple : that everyone can take initiatives, develop its potential and come into bloom at work.

  • Work as a game

    Work as a game

    Yes, we should ! Every missions we have has to be taken as a challenge, like a game. Why not ? At Yoopies, we like to put joy and passion in every project we build because this is how our team works on a day-to-day.

  • Build together

    Build together

    We believe that the most beautiful projects are those in which each employee contributed to its success. Guess what ? Great things are never achieved alone !

  • Share everywhere

    Share everywhere

    When information flows well within a company, it is a factor of cohesion, motivation and collective efficiency. More than that, our 'golden rule' is to share ideas, weather it's good or bad, it can either derive on others ideas or simply turned into reality ;)

  • No Limits, Just Opportunities

    No Limits, Just Opportunities

    Our perspective of thinking has to be large enough to achieve our objectives. We give to each member the ability to be the actor of the company's evolution. So, don’t underestimating your ideas and do what you love !

  • Faster, Better, Simpler

    Faster, Better, Simpler

    Our service is designed for home owners who wants to simplify their life. As we are the reflection of our service, we need to think like we want it to be seen, meaning faster, better and simpler

Meet Benjamin, Co-founder and CEO
Don’t see the position you’re looking for ?

If "work" rhymes with "good mood", you’re a beer pong champion and you believe that collaboration is a winning state of mind, send us your CV anyway. We would love to think about a position for you and bring you on our team.

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